• Chairman's Message

    In 1963 we started our first business in the form of Dubai Printing Press. The Khalifa Juma Al Nabooda Group today is a well diversified group with stakes in over twenty different companies in industries which include Automobiles, Real Estate, Hospitality & Food Services Management, Construction, Civil & Marine Engineering, Hotels, Education, Printing, Equipment Trading and Facilities Management & Consultancy, amongst others.

    From the beginning we have sought to build strong well structured companies that are leaders within their respective industries and have used trust, honesty and hard work as the cornerstones of our success. Today the group boasts a work force of over 10,000 people and along with our various Partners we continue to invest heavily in order to ensure that our companies remain market leaders.

    In as far as the future is concerned apart from strengthening our existing interests we continue to look for new and innovative investment opportunities in order to carry on expanding and diversifying our Group.


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