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    Real Estate Services is one of the prominent privately owned property management companies in Dubai, UAE.

    Real Estate Services was established in 1977 in Dubai, with the vision to act as the real estate property manager for Khalifa Juma Al Nabooda Group of Companies.

    We direct day-to-day property operations and oversee diverse property portfolio ranging from residential buildings, commercial, warehouses, showrooms and staff accommodations.

    As professional property managers, we advise owners on property valuations, acquisition and disposition of property, and we manage the new property projects development.

    We build our business policies and processes and develop business strategies to balance the relationship amongst all stakeholders and to meet their expectations and satisfy their needs; our stakeholders include owners, tenants, concerned government agencies and departments, our employees, contractors and service providers.

    In Real Estate Services we continuously strive to do business in better ways with one goal in mind, to be leaders in Property Management.

    Our Services

    Real Estate Services provides Khalifa Juma Al Nabooda Group of Companies with the following:

    Property Management: Real Estate Services oversee the day-to-day operations of various properties. Functions include marketing the properties to prospective tenants, selecting credible tenants and signing tenancy agreements, collecting rent and maintaining the relationship with tenants, maintaining the properties through in-house or outsourced maintenance teams, complying with local rules and regulations and reporting to Owners with in regard to their properties.

    Property Acquisition: Real Estate Services management team continuously search for new, properties to acquire and advise owners on the feasibility of the investment, negotiate the acquisition price, and then lead the due diligence and closing process.

    Decision to improve or alter property: Real Estate Services management team advise owners on best options to improve the revenue of underperforming or old property. Options include demolition, rehabilitation & modernization, or alteration of the property use.

    Project Development: Real Estate Services management team act as owner representative in new projects development and manage and coordinate the relationship between owners, consultants and main contractors.

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      • P.O. Box 111558,
      • Dubai. United Arab Emirates.
      • Tel: +971 4 321 3347
      • Fax: +971 4 321 3348
      • Email: info@res.ae
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