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    Abela & Co. LLC

    Founded in 1967 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Abela & Co has firmly established itself as one of the leading food service management firms in the country and a pioneer of its industry in the region. The Company is currently catering to various segments of the market, which include:

    • Corporate Catering:creative menus for the multi-cultured corporate clients are either prepared on premises where possible or at Abela & Co's Culinary and Catering Center facility. Corporations can opt for nutritional analysis to add value to their meals.
    • Industrial Catering:manages catering for on-site staff and company employees residing at staff accommodation.
    • Educational Institutions Catering:catering to schools, colleges and universities, serving a wide selection and variety of food, while keeping in mind the nutritional needs of student by offering healthy options.
    • Oilfield Catering:caters for the oil and gas industry, both on-shore and offshore, besides providing housekeeping, laundry, janitorial services, security, recreation and more.
    • Hospital Catering:provides food services to patients, staff and visitors in hospitals, while complying with strict hygiene regulations and meet patients' dietary, cultural and religious requirements.
    • Banqueting and Party Catering:provides 5 star meals for hundreds of guests at open air or indoor events like weddings, conferences and birthday celebrations.
    • Retail Catering and Management:manages a number of retail and franchise outlets in United Arab Emirates, including restaurants, coffee shops, cafes and snack bars.

    Today, Abela & Co manages over 120 contracts, supported by 3,000 dedicated professionals. The Company boasts an impressive list of corporate clients including Burj Al Arab Hotel, One & Only Royal Mirage Hotel, Armani Hotel, Nestle, Procter & Gamble, Petrofac, HSBC Bank Middle East, American Hospital Dubai, IKEA, McDermott, Baker Hughes, Dubai Dry Docks, Dubai Petroleum, Dubai Women's College, Dubai Men's College, Zayed University and the American University in Dubai to name a few.

    At the heart of Abela & Co's DNA are core values, which aim to create long-term benefits for its shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers, and the community in which it operates. These values represent the firm's aspirations and shape its corporate identity and future. They include: conducting our business with the highest level of integrity and honesty; exceeding client and customer expectations; practicing sound financial management; creating a caring environment which focuses on creativity and promotes professional and personal growth; and supporting the communities in which we live and work.

    Abela & Co was one of the first catering companies in Dubai to be awarded with the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point ("HACCP") System Certification endorsed by the Dubai Municipality as recognition for its dedication to food safety and hygiene. The Company is also the proud winner of the prestigious Dubai Quality Award for the service industry.

    Hygiene and Food Safety

    Abela & Co recognizes that Food Safety and Quality are paramount to its success and to the satisfaction of its customers. Our Company is committed to provide its products with the highest standards of Food Safety through an established Food Safety Policy as well as a new-age food safety system, namely the Hazard Analysis and critical Control Point ("HACCP"). In principle, HACCP is a safety cordon enabling the user to identify a hazard or danger likely to occur, well in advance, thus helping to control or avoid it.

    Since inception, our efforts in the field of food safety and hygiene were recognized in 2005, when Abela & Co became the first HACCP certified company in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This was awarded by the international food standard setting body, SGS.

    Human Resources

    Our employees are our greatest asset as they enable the Company to be flexible and deliver its food products whenever and wherever they are needed. With over 3,000 professional from 32 different nationalities, we consider this enormous resource of manpower to be one of our greatest strengths, providing us with expertise in varied cuisines and cultures from around world.


    Food remains the most important aspect of our business. As the leading food service management company in the region, we are committed to the goal of producing high quality food for our customers. This commitment is only made possible by the respective kitchen brigades operating throughout the Company. The chefs and line cooks working in Abela & Co mirror the diverse multiculturalism of the customers we serve. This diversity is evident in the range, creativity and capacity of food served.

    In 2008 and in an effort to promote a culture of learning and excellence, Abela & Co formed an in-house Chef's Academy. The Chef's Academy, lead by our Executive Chef, aims to enrich our team skills and knowledge by developing a strong heritage of quality teaching and fostering a culture of culinary excellence. The Chef's Academy is an enjoyable forum in which employees learn and enrich their working experience by knowing more about food, production skills and culinary trends.


    In order to ensure that our products are of the highest quality and are competitively priced, Abela & Co employs a fully fledged centralized Purchasing Department that works in partnership with our suppliers. This partnership, which has evolved over many years, enables us to ensure that our clients get the best value for money. The quality of raw ingredients is always the first step in ensuring high quality food and therefore all suppliers are evaluated and short-listed under a strict regime of supplier Safety Assurance to ensure they meet food safety standards and quality specifications.

    Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

    Giving back to the community in which Abela & Co operates is synonymous with the Company's culture and values. Our CSR program has always given importance towards community service and as a Company, we have always taken steps to educate our employees and create awareness towards specific social issues, such as the environment, community economic development, education, health, literacy, language and culture.


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